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There are 23,909 people following Diane Ravitch on Twitter. I am no longer one of them, and not by choice. Has anyone ever heard of a public figure doing this?
The background: Ravitch went on a Twitter rampage yesterday railing against a study showing a highly significant (economically and statistically) relationship between having high Value-Added teachers and a variety of QOL factors ranging from earnings to teen pregnancy.  More accurately, Diane Ravitch railed against the NYT-reported version of the study without reading the actual paper. I’m all for healthy debate, but if you are going to take potshots at 3 elite economists on twitter, you better do your research first.
It started with this:
@DianeRavitch: How could economists review 20 years of value-added scores when there were none 20 years ago?
@DianeRavitch: How did economists gather personal information about so many individuals and know which teachers taught…

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